Need some motivation right now?? Read this immediately

Have you ever interpreted the behavior of an ant? Have you noticed how it always finds an alternative route whenever encountered with the obstacle? Put some object on its path, it won’t give up, neither complaints or stand there waiting for somebody for help, rather it will try every possible way to look for another way to cross the obstacle for reaching its ultimate destination.1.jpg

The philosophy of an ant teaches an invaluable teaching i.e.
“Be Determined, Never Give Up, and Never Lose Hope”. This is something I firmly believe. It’s a statement, perhaps you’ve heard earlier, but did you believe it?

How hard you may work to achieve the goal of your file with angst, anxiety or apprehension of being failure, it will nullify your efforts. But, efforts invested with determination and belief of getting succeed renews faith and builds self-confidence which bears more fruits than awaited.
Everybody faces problems no matter how strong, powerful or confident a person is. Carrying the baggage of problems in the heart worsen the things. The challenge is to move forward and look for an alternative way to experience the bright morning after the dark night. No problem on this earth is bigger than the hope and determination to overcome it.

But, preserving hope in difficult time is an art which is secured by having faith in oneself and with accompany of positive and supportive people. Positive approach of reviewing things and finding good out of them nourishes the attitude. For this initially try to spend 15-20 minutes daily while being alone, understand and introspect yourself and review the things again with positive mind-set, gradually it will become the part of your demeanor and you yourself will experience revolutionized world around yourself. Never forget, you are the architecture of your own life, whether you want it to be good or bad, it’s in your hand. Go ahead, and transform your life.

20 thoughts on “Need some motivation right now?? Read this immediately”

  1. “The comfort of positive and supporting people…” is a blessing at times.
    When it comes to strength and determination-like the ant- I find the greatest growth comes to us when we are truly alone. When we must face, surmount and/or survive an experience entirely on our own, we feel tested, and each success makes us feel stronger.
    A great lesson in tenacity and resolve may be taken from the animated movie “Toy Story” (or maybe Toy Story 2).
    In it, our main character Jessie meets Green Army Men soldier “Sarge”.
    When faced with difficulty, he declares “Sarge never gives up. Sarge finds a way!”.
    After being separated from her group, our cowgirl doll hero tenaciously faces each challenge by repeating the motto. When faced with difficulties, you will hear me say:
    “Jessie never gives up! Jessie finds a way!”

    Seek peace,


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  2. I agree with what you’ve shared and really appreciate where you are coming from….we have that in common (our desire to connect and share and contribute to the good in the world)….fantastic blog and thanks for grabbing my attention in such a supportive way!!! 🙂

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  3. I’m not sure how motivated I feel after reading this, mostly because of the recent ant infestation in my apartment, lol. One of my favorite books, “Kinship with All Life” has a chapter discussing the impressiveness of ants. They are ambitious, team players, and are truly unafraid to do what it takes to carry on! Go ants.
    Nice post 🙂

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