Irony of Feminism

Amidst all the cacophony made on feminism and women issues on a lazy Sunday, I pondered why this issue is so important these days.

From politicians, celebrities, human rights supporters and college going girls, everyone wants a piece of feminism. What actually is feminism – first attempt to provide baseline definition of a common basis of all feminism may start with assertion that feminism concern themselves with the women’s inferior position in society and with discrimination encountered by them because of their sex.

Belonging from a landmass, where girls are considered useless in many parts of society made me think why we blame only patriarch mindset for discrimination. How much women themselves are responsible for distress condition of other women? Recently, during US elections I read an article “How much women are responsible for Hillary Clinton’s loss?” As per data, millennial men (65%) supported her than women (47%).  I believe Mr. Donal Trump used his trump card to catalyze his popularity and gain his vote bank. Every other day we read of rumors of fights between two female celebrities, they cannot stand each other at parties or events meant to bring them together. In joint families, females are responsible for feuds because they don’t understand others opinion and refuse to adjust with other. We talk about brothers fighting for property/justice/wives, but seldom have we thought what brought two brothers at this point? Simple, One girl’s jealousy over other, and then attempts to excruciate freedom of other. Where does this feminism go when an old man in dire need of seat is standing in public transport, but a girl is clutched to her seat as if she has to take it home. Where does this feminism go when a woman stares and comments on a girl in a short dress, just because of clothes, character of a girl is judged? Is it not pulling down of a girl six feet under?

These examples make me believe that this feminism needs to be reality rather than a disturbing news headings. Women need to change themselves first, and start understanding and appreciating success of other women. Women will never advance to equality until they start supporting and give benefit of doubt to one another. I implore every women reading this, in her calms, to give some thought over this.  Young women, you are the future, and if you cannot bond together you will always be relegate at every stage and part of society.


30 thoughts on “Irony of Feminism”

  1. I totally agree with you. The role of women in degrading women cant be neglected. Infact even the educated ones don’t show a difference. If the character of a women lies in the length of her dress, then I say thats the narrowest thought one can ever have. This problem arises only until its someone else’s daughter and not theirs.

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  2. The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is “What does a woman want?”….

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  3. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to preach to my friends and family for so long. In a way, girls are raised to view each others as competitions. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take a step back and see what would happen if we became a united to front, and started helping each other out and spread kindness instead of hatred.

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  4. I think it is very tricky with feminism indeed. I strongly believe that we, as woman should fight for our rights, but indeed a lot of woman themselves are those who oppose the movement. IDK why it is this way…. Maybe we are afraid that once equal with man, we will have to start doing some unspeakable things…

    Thanks for sharing, have a good evening!

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  5. Movies or daily shows have this negative shade female characters that pull the other female down ,i think that says a lot is right in your post and a lot is wrong with the mindset

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  6. I think you have some relevant points in your post and we all need to look within ourselves…I think one of the things I am most troubled about is the level of bullying and trolling around now and I hate to say but if we looked at the statics my money would be on the female of the race being the most prevelant. Thank you for the follow 🙂

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  7. Many women support the patriarchal structure without even being aware of it – it’s so culturally ingrained. Your example of what happened in the US is a great example. But equality is worth fighting for. It enables choices to be whatever kind of woman we want to be. 😀

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  8. Thank you for encouraging support. in my experience it is the immature women who pull each other down. But maybe it depends on the people we associate with and what we read and watch. Mature, wise women, of any age, support and encourage one another.

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    1. I consent with your point. Thank you for the kind opinion you have put across. Yes, mature women support each other and this totally depends on which type of environment you are surrounded with and what has been your upbringing.

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